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Contractual Work

Contracts Law regulates contracts regulations related to any kind of legal relationship and area of activity between parties, preparations of contract text and legal document, revising contractual and legal documents in terms of content and form and legal interpretation of meaning by observing the interests of parties.
In case of dispute, to apply to contracts as “solution tool”, it is significantly essential for a contract to be prepared according to the sectors qualities, purpose and law.
FM Law Group provides consultancy in English, Russian and Turkish, aiming to prepare a contract to provide the most efficient legal protection and resolution. Some of the services served are listed below:
Firstly, companies’ establishments and main contracts, partnership, purchase and sale, leasing, construction, credit, license, agency, franchising contracts and:
•  Following the contracts negotiations, •  Preparing the most appropriate contract that will meet the needs of parties, wishes and area of practice, •  Examining the current contract and determining the pro con provisions and correcting them, •  Evaluation of the activities which are breach of contract, demanding penal clauses and      damages due to violations, •  Terminating the contract in accordance with the content of the contract and the law

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