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Tax Law & Tax Disputes

Tax Law is under the scope of Financial Law and regulates rights and obligations which Government unilaterally obligate individuals and legal persons, enforcements resulting from the breach of those rights and obligations and resolution of disputes.
Legal part and order of taxation, laws related to taxes and systemically evaluation, interpretation, practice of them, and solution of disputes arising from tax relations are the main topics of tax law.  obliges every person to pay tax according to their financial power in order to supply public expenditure. Wide range of practice and frequently amending tax laws make this field require expertness and also technical information about public finance. Tax Procedure Law, Income Tax Law, Value Added Tax Law, Law on the Procedure for the Collection of Public Receivables are the fundamental laws of tax law and there are many other regulations besides them.
FM Law Group pursues lawsuits related to tax law. The firm’s associates assist in any tax disputes.

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