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FM Law


Specializing in ;

  • Corporate & Commercial Law,

  • Tax Law and Tax Disputes, 

  • Investment Projects and Constructional law, 

  • Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring, 

  • Intellectual Property and Trademark, 

  • Labor and Migration law, 

  • Contractual Work, 

  • Arbitration and Representation in Court, 

  • Legal Support and Protection of Business, 

  • Public and Government Affairs Negotiations, 

  • Business Setup Consulting.



FM Law Group is an eminent, independent law firm based in Moscow. Founded in 2001 by Fadai Mamedov, FM Law Group provides attorney and legal consultancy services for reputable companies, institutions, and organizations composed of domestic and foreign investors with the experience of more than 15 years. All of our lawyers are well respected in their practice areas. Our Firm, with its experienced team, provides high-quality legal services in English, Turkish, Azerbaijanese and Russian languages for a variety of clients. 


Our basic approach is to provide our clients with the best solution to their requirements and to be able to respond to their demands in the quickest way by analyzing their profiles correctly. It is aimed to achieve the objective in all cases submitted to the courts by evaluating all scenarios with a rigorous team work. At the same time, we attach a great importance to the legal consultancy services in order to make our clients best on legal consultancy matters. With a view to identify possible risks in advance, our special team closely follows up legal and sectoral changes and developments at national and international level and informs daily both our teammates and clients. FM Law Group, with its services performed in the form of training, presentation, reporting, project, meeting and one-to-one interviews which are arranged periodically in accordance with requirements or demands, never compromises on the principle of being in contact with its clients and of forming a solution partnership with them.


Our practice encompasses a wide range of areas including  Corporate & Commercial Law, Tax Law & Tax Disputes, Investment Projects & Constructional Law, Bankruptcy & Debt Restructuring, Arbitration & Representation in Court, Contractual Work, Intellectual Property & Trademark, Labor & Migration Law, Legal Support & Protection of Business, Public & Government Affairs Negotiations, Business Setup Consulting, and FM Law Academy.


Our law firm’s client portfolio generally consists of domestic and international corporations and companies, and also other entities affiliated with those corporations and companies. Currently, our law firm (employs 11 attorneys specialized in their subjects) provides consultancy services for more than 40 companies and corporations.



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Fadai Mamedov

Mamedov Fadai Sahib Ogly is a Russian attorney, public speaker. Mr. Mamedov received his barrister licence in Russia. He is the member of Moscow Chamber of Advocates (with the register number: 77/2208), after graduating Academy of Labor and Social relations Judicial Faculty specializing in Jurisprudence.

Mr. Mamedov has provided legal consultancy services to some international and local companies and Russian-Turkish Business Association.


He has a Master Degree in “Tax Law” (held by the National Research University Higher School of Economics).

With over 20 years of professional experience in judicial practice, tax disputes, enforcement proceedings, contractual work, corporate law, bankruptcy, real estate and construction, legal support for economic entities, foreign investment and legal support, interaction with government bodies, organizations and representatives of all government branches of varying levels.

He speaks Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijani and English.


Mr. Mamedov has attended several advanced training programs as follows:


1)  Programs completed in Moscow Chamber of Advocates based on Russian Academy of Advocacy and Notary:


Advocate work in arbitration procedure, in civil procedure, in criminal proceedings, expertise in judicial proceedings, and the psychology of professional work of an Advocate.

​2)  Programs completed in the European Center of Legal Cooperation within the framework of interaction with the Federal Chamber of Advocates of Russian Federation:


Defense of Human rights in European Court of Human Rights, Contract Law of England. International Commercial Arbitration, and International Law from the perspective of international treaties.



FM Law Group

115280, Leninskaya Sloboda str. 19, Moscow, Russia 

Business Center <Omega Plaza>, office 21p1

+7 495 989 6106 (pbx)

+7 495 988 0679



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